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New cultural internet venture launches

An exciting new addition to New York’s cultural firmament launched Monday, September 29th, 2008.  eCognoscente is a free daily e-mail on matters cultural, both contemporary and classical, in New York City and the rest of the world.  eCognoscente is literally Daily Candy meets The New Yorker.

The idea behind eCognoscente is deceptively simple. Every discerning and culturally active New Yorker would like to keep abreast of the best in arts and culture, both past and present.  eCognoscente does the job for them and will cover the following areas:  Art, Literature, Architecture, Film, Dance, Design, Fashion, Food, Literature, Music and Theatre.

Every day, five times a week, subscribers will receive an e-mail in their inbox which explores a cultural subject from a unique angle, opening up the reader’s mind to new ideas and perspectives.  Recent daily e-mails have included snippets on the new exhibit by noted designer Andrée Putman at the French Cultural Services, the Giorgio Morandi exhibition at the Metropolitan, a recommendation to rediscover FitzGerald’s translation of the Rubaiyat and a clever riff on Coco Chanel, Verdura, and the Maltese Cross.

eCognoscente is entirely free. All you have to do is go to and subscribe. 

eCognoscente was founded by Anita Itty, a writer and Columbia Business School Graduate.  Christopher Atamian, her former classmate and a writer and journalist, joins her in this new media venture.

Anita Itty received an MBA from Columbia University.  Ms. Itty is a writer and essayist and is the winner of the 2004 First Words South Asian Literary Prize.  She is also contributing essayist to the South Asian Women’s Leadership Forum where she writes on topics of leadership, identity, business & culture.  She is currently at work on a literary novel.  

Christopher Atamian, her former Columbia classmate, is a writer and journalist and contributes to leading publications, including the New York Times, the Village Voice, and Dance Magazine.  His English translation of Nicolas Sarafian’s “The Vincennes Woods” will be published in 2009.  He has previously worked at several interactive agencies and New Media companies. 





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